Magickally Imbued Psychic Soul Harmonizer Rainbow Jasper Pillar Obelisk


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The enchanting Rainbow Jasper Pillar Obelisk, a Magickally Imbued Psychic Soul Harmonizer will connect you to the deepest levels of your spiritual essence and promote inner balance. This mesmerizing obelisk is meticulously crafted from the finest Rainbow Jasper, a powerful gemstone known for its remarkable ability to harmonize the energies within your body and soul.

This sacred obelisk has been magickally imbued, enchanted, and sealed by our experienced magicians, ensuring that its powerful vibrations are amplified and purified to bring about the most profound transformative effects. The magickal energies infused within the Rainbow Jasper work in tandem with its inherent properties to create a synergistic force that enhances your psychic abilities and spiritual growth.

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The vibrant, multicolored layers within the Rainbow Jasper serve as a visual representation of the harmonious connection between your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual planes. Each layer represents a different aspect of your being, and together, they work in unison to create a harmonious balance that enhances your psychic abilities and spiritual growth.

As a Magickally Imbued Psychic Soul Harmonizer, the Rainbow Jasper Pillar Obelisk is designed to align your chakras, amplify your intuition, and promote a deep sense of inner peace. This stunning obelisk acts as a conduit, channeling the powerful energies of the Rainbow Jasper and its enchantments into your aura and creating a harmonious atmosphere that nurtures your psychic and spiritual development.

Place the Rainbow Jasper Pillar Obelisk in your sacred space, meditation area, or any room where you wish to cultivate a serene and balanced atmosphere. As you connect with the energies of this captivating obelisk, you will begin to experience an enhanced sense of psychic awareness, heightened intuition, and a deeper connection to your spiritual essence.

Embrace the healing and harmonizing powers of the Magickally Imbued Rainbow Jasper Pillar Obelisk and allow its captivating energies to guide you on your path towards psychic growth and spiritual enlightenment.

This incredible obelisk measures approx. 5.5" tall x 2' wide.

It weighs approx. 1LB.