Necronomicon Irkingu Doors of Perception Earrings



Have you ever wanted to know about your past lives and incarnations?

Have you experienced the feeling of DeJa'Vu and felt that there was a message that was trying to reach you from the distant past?

This is more common than you think.

Energy can neither be created nor destroyed.

It is merely converted from one form to another, and You are energy.

Remember. All knowledge is self-knowledge.

Your past lives and incarnations are a source of incredible knowledge to empower and assist you in this lifetime. 

Connect with the originating thought of who you are to understand the secrets of your journey to past, present and future timelines through the Irkingu timeless doorway.

Magically empowered to start working the minute you wear them.

Easy to follow instructions included in your personalized spell package.


Stunning sterling silver and red coral earrings.

Very unique and magickally charming with beautiful details.

Approx size 0.75".

Only one pair available.