Oracle of Insight Tiger's Eye Spellbound Skull Talisman



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Made from Tiger's Eye, this hand carved skull talisman is a vessel of ancient wisdom and profound knowledge.

The gemstone, known for its chatoyant luster that captures the gaze, symbolizes the sharpened intellect and enlightened understanding one gains through life's experiences.

This "Oracle of Insight" is a profound mentor in mineral form.

The skull, a timeless emblem of the eternal scholar, speaks to the sagacity acquired through contemplating life's transient nature.

It is a reminder that true knowledge comes from introspection and awareness of the world's impermanence.

Tiger's Eye, with its layered bands of earthen gold, channels the storied past and the hidden knowledge of the ages.

It offers the wearer the ability to see beyond the superficial, to understand the core of one's being, and to connect with the universal truths that underpin our existence.

As a companion in the quest for understanding, this talisman imparts the courage to delve into the unknown, the strength to trust one's intuition, and the clarity to decipher the often cryptic language of the cosmos.

The "Oracle of Insight " is a powerful catalyst for those who seek to expand their mental horizons and embrace the wisdom that guides the soul's journey through the myriad dimensions of life and beyond.


Handcrafted 3D Tiger's Eye and Silver Talisman measures approx. 1" x 1".

Premium Quality 22" Stainless Steel chain is included.