Radiant Solar Crown of Illumination Ascension Key Spellbound Talisman


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The Radiant Solar Crown of Illumination Ascension Key is a masterpiece of spiritual alchemy.

Handcrafted in brass and overlayed 14K Gold vermeil, it aligns with seekers of ancient wisdom.

The large amethyst stone sits at its core—its regal purple hue a portal to the inner sanctum of the intuition and the higher mind.

From this majestic stone radiate the gilded arms of the solar crown, each ray a pathway etched with the golden light of awakening.

At the crown's heart, a pearl gleams with the moon's own purity, encircled by celestial blue sapphires, guardians of sacred truth and protectors of the divine order.

Suspended above, a singular sapphire watches over, a sentinel of the deep cosmic ocean, guiding the wearer through the uncharted waters of the subconscious.

It embodies the journey of the soul from the terrestrial to the celestial, from the known to the mysterious.

When worn, the bearer is connected to Infinite Source and the illumination that comes from within.

It is an energetic matrix that channels the transformative energies of the cosmos, aiding in the navigation of life's sacred spiral towards the pinnacle of spiritual attainment.

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Let the Radiant Solar Crown of Illumination Ascension Key be your companion as you traverse the sacred path of inner alchemy, transforming lead into gold of divine insight.

Wear it as a declaration of your dedication to the ever-unfolding journey of the soul towards the boundless light.


Talisman measures approx. 3.5" long with bail x 1.25" wide.

Premium Quality 18K Gold Plated Stainless Steel chain is included.