SERPENTINE GLAMOUR OF SEKHMET Total Life Beauty Revitalizer Ensorcelled Earrings


Serpentine Glamour of Sekhmet Total Life Revitalizer Talisman Earrings 

The powers of Goddess renewal and revitalization of your divine essence, body, mind and soul.

Unleash the powers of fresh, new beginnings with a total energetic body makeover of the most exhilarating  transformational energies. 

Rejuvenating alignment of your personal energies releasing a dynamically powerful aura which surrounds you with everything you need live passionately once again.

From aligning your chakras to empowering you to reach your dreams, the Serpentine Glamour of Sekhmet earrings instantly infuse you with classic elegance and style.

These elegantly stunning Handcrafted Solid Sterling Silver & 24K Gold snake earrings are intricately set with beautiful Blue Spinel & Green Emerald Eyes to create a vibrational vortex which increases the good and removes the bad from your life. Total measurement approx. 3" long x almost 3/4" wide. They beautifully capture the light. 

Exquisitely Captivating & Bewitching !