Tharion's Hyperborean Frequency Master Talisman


Unlock the secrets of dimensional communion with the Tharion's Hyperborean Frequency Master Talisman.

Tharion the Frequency Master, revered guardian of the Hyperborean gateways, is said to dwell within the intricate weaves of this powerful amulet.

As a harmonizer of vibrational energies, Tharion ensures the balance and alignment of worlds.

By channeling Tharion's essence, the wearer of this talisman may gain an understanding of the delicate interplay of forces that govern the multiverse.

This talisman is not only a conduit to Tharion's realm but also a beacon that draws his attention.

For those who seek to maintain equilibrium in their lives or to explore the vastness of the interdimensional, the Frequency Master Talisman offers a connection to Tharion's ancient wisdom.

It is said that through this link, one might receive guidance on how to navigate life's challenges with grace, ensuring that the energies surrounding them are in perfect harmony.

A unique aspect of this talisman is its ability to facilitate communication with Tharion through the realm of dreams. As you wear it, especially during rest, it opens pathways to the subconscious, allowing for profound dream encounters with Tharion. In these dreams, Tharion imparts insights and guidance, helping to maintain equilibrium in your life and deepen your understanding of the universe's intricate energy dynamics.

Whether used for meditation, spiritual practice, or simply as an elegant piece of jewelry, the Tharion's Hyperborean Frequency Master Talisman is a powerful companion in your quest for balance, insight, and interdimensional communication. Let it guide you in your sleep and waking life, harmonizing your journey through the cosmos.


Expertly handcrafted from the highest quality Tibetan Silver and inlaid with stones of deep cosmic significance—turquoise for protection, coral for vitality, and lapis lazuli for spiritual insight—this talisman is a key to the multiverse. 

Embrace the opportunity to bridge the physical and the metaphysical.

Solid, measures approx. 2.25" with bail x 1.75" wide.

Delicate Gold Plating.

Premium Quality 22" two tone (Gold and Silver) rope Stainless Steel chain pictured is included.