šŸŒ¹The Enchanting Rose Noir Ring for Self-LovešŸŒ¹


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The Enchanting Rose Noir Ring is a symbol of personal empowerment, self-discovery, and transformation.

It serves as a reminder of the inner strength and resilience within you.

This ring is designed to inspire and support you on your journey of growth and self-empowerment.

It encourages you to embrace both the light and dark aspects of your life, finding beauty in contrast and personal transformation.

Wearing the Enchanting Rose Noir Ring can help you tap into your inner strength, reminding you of your ability to overcome challenges and embrace personal growth.

It serves as a symbol of self-love and encourages you to nurture your own beauty and potential.

The ring invites you to find balance within yourself and to embrace the transformative power of self-discovery.

It encourages you to connect with your inner resilience and to manifest positive change in your life.

The Enchanting Rose Noir Ring will empower and inspire you, serving as a reminder of your own strength, beauty, and capacity for personal transformation.

Size 7.5

Black Gold Plated Stainless Steel with light pink crystal in the center accented by tiny clear crystals on both sides of the band.

Do not immerse in water or any cleaning solution.